Driver Management

Our driver management software provide many ways to measure and promote safe, economical and efficient driving across your fleet.

Manage Fleet Drivers Accountability

Check and manage your drivers working hours, job done per task, routes and improve fleet efficiency. See driver start times, arrival and departure times, stop locations, and distance traveled to help improve productivity and payroll accuracy. 

Driving Behavior Analysis

These innovative, leading-edge solution will also help you analyze, intervene and change dangerous driving behaviors before they lead to crashes, and injuries. See metrics on your drivers’ activities to help you address safety issues and simplify compliance.

Check All Driving Assets

Managers have access to reports and historical data to quickly and easily see who was driving a fleet vehicle if they receive complaints.


Get Smart Visibility Into Your Drivers

Use our driver management software will help you to make a smart decision maker. You can monitor your crew and respond quickly to change the situations. 

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