Custom Reporting

Go beyond customized reports for a new level of insight. Use custom fleet management reports, they are very powerful tools that can be used to observe fuel economy, stops, complicated scorecards, and much more! 

Easy-To-Create Custom Fleet Management Reports

Creating your own custom fleet reports in Manage Vehicle is really simple and quick. Manage your fleet vehicles, cost, visibility, and productivity by analyzing the custom report. 

Pull Any Data of Your Fleet

You can create your fleet custom report by pulling any data from your portal on demand. However, putting the important metrics in one central location is a great way to save time and makes your job easier.

Determine What You Want to Analyze

You choose the things you want to measure, like;

  • Fleet Productivity Reporting Metrics

  • Driver Risk & Safety Reporting

  • Determine the maximum speed.
  • Set up a driver scorecard
  • Evaluate the fleet’s risk level
  • Top Seat Belt Offenders
  • More…

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