Custom GeoFencing

Manage your assets with custom geofencing fleet management. It allows to drawn area by using point-of-interest(POI) interface whenever vehicle enters or leaves geofence area. 

Strengthen security, and speed up theft recovery

Because you have a greater insight about where your fleet has been, it provides you with knowledge about the operation of your fleet. It helps you react to problems faster and act quickly to help recover stolen vehicles.


Employ Assets More Effectively

Get quick access with geofencing fleet management:

  • Location visits and stop details
  • Average time spent at each location
  • Average time spent traveling to and from each location

Avoid Unnecessary Payroll Costs

Protect your fleet by avoiding payroll costs. GPS geofencing can help you confirm overtime costs and reduce unnecessary trips during work hours.


Keep Your Team Productive High

Get benefits by using GPS tracker with geofence. Because, it will keep you notified when your fleet driver enters or leaves designated areas, which can help you verify timesheets, reduce unauthorized vehicle use and streamline travel.

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