Assessments (Driver Fit To Drive, COVID 19)

A complete assessment of your fleet driver to ensure that your fleet drivers are following all the rules of Covid-19 and are fit to drive the vehicle.

Fit To Drive Declarations

Most fleet drivers don’t even think about whether they’re mentally and physically capable of driving. But driving does require a level of fitness to be safe on the road. This assessment will tell whether or not your fleet driver is fit to drive.

Covid-19 Safety for Fleet Drivers & Team

By taking an assessment you will get to know which member has not followed the rules of Covid-19(Wear a mask, hand sanitizer, social distancing).

Easy Assessment

This assessment is very easy to do because your fleet drivers have to answer some questions by saying yes or no. It will ensure that they are perfectly fit to operate the vehicle and they are simultaneously following all the compliance of Covid-19.


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