Tell Your Employees That You Installed GPS Devices

Posted on January 15, 2019

There are a number of stupid methods to let know your drivers that you’re installing online GPS tracking devices. Let’s have some fun and look at a pair now.

Some stupid ways to expose the news

1: Reveal it out, without context.

“As of today morning, our vehicles now have online GPS tracking devices. They’ll notify us where each one of you is at all times, how speedy you’re driving, how long you’re at a work site… that sort of thing. Have a nice day.”


What could go wrong with that way?

Reality is when they observe you’re getting GPS devices, your field employees and other drivers are going to be worried. So you have to break the news to them in a way that makes them, you know, not worried. And you can get going by never, ever, ever doing it this approach, okay?

2: Don’t inform them at all. Keep it secret?

Yeah, that’ll work very well. Until somebody tells someone else, who notifies somebody else, who runs through your office and shouts so everyone can hear, “They’re tracking us every day!”

Vehicle tracking solution devices can be great for your business. Great for your drivers, as well! But you’ve got to inform them about it, and you’ve got to carefully give an explanation about why you’re doing it and how it can actually help them and their jobs.

So don’t try to keep it hidden. That’ll turn somewhat that’s good for everybody into a source of doubt and annoyance among your employees.

How to tell your employees regarding GPS tracking devices in the right way?

Now let’s talk about how to do this correctly

First, analyze the things from your employees’ attitude. When they listen to you’ve place tracking devices into the company vehicles they drive each day, they may be raising themselves questions like these.

  • “Does this mean you don’t trust us?”
  • “Will everyone at the company is able to see all I do?”
  • “Is this going to have an effect on my job?”

So you have to be very planned in how you roll out this news. You’ll just to make it clear why you’re installing online GPS tracking devices which isn’t because you don’t trust your employees—and why it’s good news for every employee.

Let your drivers know as early in the way as possible. Don’t wait until the vehicle tracking solution devices are installed to let know them.

  • Call a meeting to make them know the new GPS vehicle tracking solution.
  • Clearly describe why you’re doing this -the benefits to the company, and the benefits to your employees.
  • After the meeting, give your GPS tracking policy to the employees. (For more info about what to consist of in your GPS tracking policy and what to stay out of it - get our free report below.)

At Manage Vehicle, we’ve helped many businesses like yours successfully set up their new vehicle GPS tracking devices to their employees using a rollout policy similar to the one above.

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